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  1. It might be appropriate to initiate a science blog by reaching a common understanding of the meaning of the word “science.” This word comes to us from the Latin word “scientia.” My understanding is that this word is synonymous with the Greek word “episteme” and that both words mean “verifiable knowledge.” Adoption of this meaning would make this a blog about verifiable knowledge. In Claude Shannon’s information theory, the “verifiable knowledge” is called the “information gain” aka “mutual information. This is the information that one gains from knowing the state of nature of a physical system in the future given the state of nature of this system in the present.

    As a basis for discussion in a blog, the English term “science” has the drawback of ambiguity. In particular, it means “verifiable knowledge” and also “the process that is operated by people calling themselves “scientists.” The latter meaning admits the possibility that works of pseudoscientists are said to be “scientific” because they are the product of people calling themselves “scientists.” The field of global warming climatology suffers from this kind of ambiguity.


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