The big picture

This is how the world works. 

Quantum physics can compute detailed probabilities for every microscopic event.  But half the information is missing,  and QM regards it as random. Nothing could be further from the truth..
What QM regards as random is actually governed by global mind including your mind and my mind and Jesus and Kali and the mycelium yearning to grow and every disembodied spirit, including a few demons.
What is the relationship between One Mind and each mind? A big mystery.
Just as microscopic quantum physics pushes forward from the past, the complementary realm of global mind creates a future and pulls physical reality into it.

2 thoughts on “The big picture”

    • I plead guilty.
      These words wouldn’t have meant anything to me a few years ago, but as I combine what I know from a physics PhD with what I am learning from parapsychology experiments, this is the outline of the picture that seems to be emerging for me.


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