LENR—leads, links, and loose ends

Summary: Cold Fusion is a topic with which I have some firsthand experience. I have good reason to believe that a technology that could provide abundant, cheap, clean energy to all the world is being suppressed. Beyond this, I have read enticing accounts of advanced technology, all of which seem worthy of further investigation, none of which are consistent with publicly recognized science. Is there a subset of humanity living underground with technologies far beyond what you and I have? Do they have good reason to keep their secrets? Are they seeking global domination “for our own good”?

During 2012-2014, I visited 5 Cold Fusion labs, attended 2 conferences, and read extensively about the history and the science. I remember the moment I became convinced that low energy nuclear reactions were possible. I was driving from Burlington to Boston, listening to Michael McCubre of Stanford Research Inst describe his experiment. He set up an electrochemical cell modeled after the original Fleischmann/Pons prescription. He asked the question, was Deuterium in the cell being transmuted to Helium? He had a mass spectrograph capable of actually counting the Helium atoms as they came out, and he had arranged water flow to measure the heat put out by the cell by comparing the temperature of the water flowing out with the water flowing in. When, after several weeks of inactivity, the cell spontaneously turned itself on, he saw temperature rising at the same time that Helium was registering in the mass spec.

The rise and fall of the He corresponded with the rise and fall of the temperature. And quantitatively, McCubre could divide the heat by the number of He atoms, with the result that each He atom was associated with 23 MeV of energy — exactly the mc2 difference between two Deuteriums and one Helium atom.

LENR stands for Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. This is the energy of a thermonuclear bomb, and in conventional thinking, it requires such a large activation energy to initiate that fusion can only happen at the center of the sun or in a hydrogen bomb, which uses uranium fission as a trigger. “Low Energy” means that this prodigious energy can be released with much more modest conditions.

There is a reason most physicists dismiss LENR as impossible and don’t bother to investigate for themselves. Two protons or deuterons can only fuse to form helium if they get very close together, and because they are both positively charged, they resist coming together. In a tokamak or in a thermonuclear bomb or in the center of the sun, the resistance is overcome by brute force, with energy per nucleon of several MeV. The nucleons might also come together via quantum tunneling, but the computed probability is low enough that physicists dismiss this scenario.

The loophole in this reasoning is that bulk quantum phenomena are not well understood. We don’t know how to calculate probabilities for a fusion event inside a crystal that is saturated with deuterium, as was the case with Fleischmann/Pons.

There are reasons for physicists to be skeptical of LENR, but they are not sufficient to explain 30 years of suppressed experimental findings and exclusion of LENR from all mainstream physics journals. Nobelist Julian Schwinger was used to his submissions being embraced eagerly by top physics journals, but when he proposed a theoretical framework for cold fusion, he met a wall of dogmatism. “The pressure for conformity is enormous,” he wrote. “The replacement of impartial reviewing by censorship will be the death of science.”

That was 1991. After 30 more years of experimental confirmation, why does LENR continue to encounter censorship and suppression today? I believe it’s possible that LENR technology and more has been developed and incorporated in what Richard Dolan calls a “breakaway civilization.” [video]  I’ll speculate further on this theme at the end of this essay.

LENR is a topic that I am familiar with. There are many more areas that I think might be related to a breakaway civilization, but I have not investigated them. These are dots that may or may not be connected.

Bob Lazar claims he was tasked with reverse engineering alien technology

He tells a story of seeing aircraft that hover silently above the ground and balls of negative gravity that could not be approached while he was employed at Area 51 in New Mexico in 1989. [documentary] [interview]

Operation Paperclip and the continuation of Nazi war research in the US

During WW II, the Germans had some of the world’s most advanced programs in biological warfare and rocket propulsion. Under Operation Paperclip, thousands of Nazi scientists were excused from trials for war crimes and hired to continue their work in the US.

Downed alien spacecraft are being reverse engineered

In 2017, Luis Elizondo resigned as the Pentagon’s head of UFO research because he could not justify keeping their findings secret from the public. The NYTimes confirmed US Navy reports from 2004 of pilots who encountered craft maneuvering in ways that are not allowed within known physics, and the same article states that several warehouses in Las Vegas house materials and mechanisms from downed alien craft that are being reverse engineered.

$21 Trillion from (mostly) the DoD

On Sept 10, 2001, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that he could not account for $2.3 Trillion in Defense spending during the previous decade. This amount was greater than the total that Congress had legitimately budgeted for national defense from the 1789 Constitution up until that date. Sixteen years later, Prof Mark Skidmore documented $21 Trillion in unbudgeted, unreported spending by the Pentagon and HUD. [Forbes article] How could such enormous sums be spent in ways that are invisible to American civilians and our free press?

Operation Mockingbird and CIA infiltration of American news media at all levels

In 1971, a Senate Committee under Frank Church investigated CIA ties to the American press.  Under Operation Mockingbird, the American press was being reined in at all levels, and the scope of journalistic investigation was being limited from the inside.

The 2001 Press Club Event

May 9, 2001, dozens of pilots and top military officers testified to their experience with encounters with UFOs and to their disabling of nuclear missiles. [video]

Pyramids and ancient megalithic technology

Even a cursory examination shows that the Egyptian Pyramids could not have been built with the bronze-age technology of the Dynastic Pharaohs. A closer examination shows that we, today, do not have technology capable of building pyramids like this. Every stone block is unique, and yet all fit together so tightly that you can’t slip a piece of paper between them. The largest stone block quarried in ancient times, in Baalbek, Lebanon, weighs more than 1,000 toms. The capacity of today’s largest diesel cranes is about 1/10 that. Spiral markings from ancient core drills show that the drills were progressing through hard granite at a greater pitch than can be achieved by today’s toughest drills. Graham Hancock has made a credible attempt to tell a coherent story of ancient technology.

Ancient underground cities

Technologies for building whole cities underground are not new. Graham Hancock provides the best explanation I am aware of. His whole career in archaeology centers evidence around an ancient technological civilization that was wiped out when a meteor impact ended the last ice quite suddenly. [inteview]

Weather manipulation

Dane Wiggington has collected evidence of climate engineering and weaponization of weather at his website, GeoEngineeringWatch.org. War is being waged with earthquakes, storms, droughts, and epidemics, and these are being reported as natural disasters.

Dustification and Toasted Cars on 9/11

Judy Wood has documented the evidence for the use of unconventional technology on 9/11/2001. Building 7 looked like a classical controlled demolition, but the twin towers were pulverized to dust on the way down, and the steel girders were twisted in ways that cannot be explained by melting. Cars up to half a mile from the Twin Towers were destroyed on one side and undamaged on the other side.  [video]

The CIA Coup of Nov 22, 1963

After WW II, the CIA grew in power, in influence, and in secrecy, until outgoing Pres Eisenhower warned that it was a threat to our democracy. Just weeks later, there was a showdown between the CIA and elected government, when the CIA attempted to maneuver Pres Kennedy into a situation where he had to invade Cuba to save face after the deliberately botched Bay of Pigs invasion. JFK decisively took control, refused to invade Cuba, and dismissed CIA Director Allen Dulles. But 2½ years later, Dulles demonstrated that the CIA indeed had the upper hand, and US government has not been the same since.

“We have the technology to take ET home” (1993)

Ben Rich was retired head of Lockheed’s most advanced, most secret division, called Skunkworks. He dropped this statement at the end of a lecture to alumni of UCLA’s engineering school in 1993. [Video]

Nikola Tesla

Late in his life, Tesla was working on ideas for global communication and “free energy” extracted from the vacuum. On his death in 1943, his notebooks were seized by the FBI and classified. The person who was tasked with evaluating their contents was, oddly enough, Donald Trump’s uncle, who made a public statement, “nothing to see here…move on.”

Jason Jorjani

In this interview, Jorjani tells some of the history of ties between American capitalists and German Nazis, and puts forward the possibility that secret Nazi research, having continued in the US, is now the basis of hidden, underground cities.

Beirut, 4 August, 2020

This flash explosion is far too bright, too hot, and too sudden to be accounted for by burning of warehoused fertilizer. If it were explosion of a fission bomb, it would have left many people dead of radiation poisioning. I believe it could have been a small hydrogen bomb based on LENR.

Just suppose…

Suppose there were a technology that could provide all the world’s energy needs cheaply, cleanly, with no carbon emissions, no need to mine coal or lithium or rare earths. Deep pockets of the fossil fuel energy might effectively suppress this technology for decades, especially if the value of the US dollar were propped up by restrictions on international oil trade.

But suppose further that this same technology can be weaponized, turning a home generator into a weapon of mass destruction. Suppose the knowledge of how to create LENR or extract zero-point energy could be used readily, either to lift the global standard of living without damage to the natural world, or to destroy a city.

Then there might be a desperation on the part of people who know of this technology. They might keep it secret as long as they can, while they are aware that eventually the knowledge would get out. Sooner or later, the knowledge how to build a nuclear bomb in your basement would be broadcast to all on the worldwide web.

These people are already inclined to think in terms of command and control. They are used to running companies by keeping their employees on a short leash. They may be billionaires and they may lean toward megalomania. They might convince themselves that freedom, democracy and local autonomy are no longer a viable model. They might promote a New World Order based on centralized, totalitarian control and universal surveillance of every aspect of each individual’s life.

Would they be correct? Call me a dreamer, but I believe that another kind of world is possible, is preferable, is safe. I believe that psychopathy and terrorism derive from the alienated condition of modern society. I believe in communities where every person feels at home, where every person is known by neighbors and where family feelings spread in ripples across the town. This is a vision of participatory democracy and local, self-organized governance. It is the opposite of the globalized control toward which our world is trending, and it is the opposite of the alienation and powerlessness that most people in the industrialized world are experiencing.

Let’s create it. Let’s begin by caring for ourselves and our neighbors, organizing strong local communities to be self-sufficient and independent of the global supply chain. In 2022, we will be called.

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