Placebo controls—gold standard for EFFICACY trials—have no place in SAFETY trials

In a recent study of heart medications (REDUCE-IT), mineral oil was used as a “placebo”. Mineral oil is not a biological substance, and the body rejects it with nausea and diarrhea. Some of the adverse effects of mineral oil are listed here. There is no reason to use mineral oil as a “placebo” instead of (for example) olive … Read more

A Brief History of Science

For those of us in the thick of it, there is great irony in the fact that the Scientific World View led to the deepest, most abstract theory in the history of science which actually falsified the Scientific World View. Most scientists today are acting as though this had never happened. ——————— From the time … Read more

It’s about time!

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future!” — attributed variously to Yogi Berra and to Niels Bohr By the time you get to the end of this essay, you may be wondering whether Berra got the phrase from Bohr, or Bohr picked it up from a premonition of a Yogi-ism to come. … Read more

Origin of Life: Unsolved or Unsolvable?

I am drawn to think about experimental facts that point to the need for rethinking the foundations of today’s science. This has been a theme of some of the articles on this blog page. I consider the mystery of life’s origin to be a phenomenon in this category. How did the first living things emerge … Read more

Cosmic April Fool

When Isaac Newton discovered the equations that govern motion of the planets through the heavens, he was able to solve them with pencil and paper much faster than the planets themselves were moving. Thus he was able to make useful predictions. Solving the equation — even when it involves oodles of numerical computations by hand … Read more

Are the mRNA shots affecting birth rates?

From the beginning, there have been glaring signs that the mRNA shots may be impairing fertility. FDA overrode signals that, in years past, would have been considered unacceptable dangers. After majorities of the reproductive-age population were inoculated, many of us expected to see sharp declines in birth rates beginning nine months later. Preliminary data suggests … Read more

Cold Fusion is a suppressed technology

One cold weekend in the fall of 1985, professor Stanley Pons of the University of Utah asked one of his undergraduate students to look in on an experiment that he and professor Martin Fleischmann had been conducting in their spare time. For two years, they had been running electric current through tiny metal cubes in … Read more