Energy from the Vacuum

A lot of powerful people don’t want this to be real. That doesn’t mean it is real, but it makes it the kind of subject that I want to know about. There are persistent stories of people who invent perpetual motion machines only to disappear or to die mysteriously or become insane. Foster Gamble, in particular, … Read more

Nobel Committee Nods to Mystical Physics

The Nobel Committee is risk-averse. They don’t want to look foolish a generation down the road, so they have subverted Alfred Nobel’s original intent, which was to reward the most promising discovery of the current year, and instead they dip into the deep past. Yes, they avoid mistakes this way, but by the time a scientist … Read more

“Remember, do no harm”

A towering genius can be a babe in the woods; A high-functioning scientist can be a useful idiot. Babe in the Woods The smartest man I ever knew tried to teach me relativistic quantum field theory when I was a 20-year-old Harvard undergrad. By that age, Julian Schwinger had already collaborated as an equal with … Read more

COVID deaths and Vaccine deaths

Truth was the first casualty in the war on COVID. Trusted sources of medical information became propaganda outlets, and when that wasn’t enough, the raw data on which medical analysis was based was withheld and even falsified by the governments that controlled it. Hence, it’s refreshing to see an honest analysis of apparently honest government … Read more

Exactly the same

This is about identical particles, Bosons and Fermions, and why the world seems solid when we kick it and how physics tells us that everything is really one thing. Alice and Bob are both people, but you would never confuse them—they’re not identical.  “Identical twins” are a lot closer. Some people can’t tell them apart, … Read more


Future pundits warn us that the Artificial Intelligence revolution could get out of our hands, as robots develop minds of their own and evade human control. Meanwhile, I’m sure you’ve noticed that user interfaces on every web site you’ve loaded in the last few years is buggy, quirky, and makes stupid mistakes, mistakes that are … Read more

Schrödinger’s Cat and the Secret of Life

Irwin Schrödinger described his Cat Paradox in 1935. You’ve heard the gist described in many ways. In quantum mechanics, if something is possible and something else is possible, it is always possible for the something and something else to exist in superposition. An object can be in two places at once. A proton can be spinning clockwise … Read more

mRNA Vaccines: A Flawed Idea from the Start

The mRNA vaccines for COVID are doubly flawed. One problem in particular must have been known to the biochemists and the other to the leadership who choose to rely on these vaccines. The first problem is that the dose is uncontrolled; different people produce vastly different amounts of the spike protein from the same injection. … Read more

Proof we are not living in a simulation

If quantum biology is a thing, reality “computes” more efficiently than any computer. Introduction To some of us it is obvious, something we know in our hearts beyond doubt. There is nothing more real to me than my own consciousness. It is an example of what Immanuel Kant called a synthetic a priori. We may not … Read more