What is a ‘Breakaway Civilization’?

Richard Dolan was first to use the phrase, though I first heard it from Jason Jorjani. The idea is that there are whole communities built on technology far advanced from what is in the public domain. They are somewhere on this planet — perhaps in underground cities, perhaps under the ocean or Antarctica. It is the world’s biggest secret.

Reasons to believe there are people on earth (or under it) who are using technologies far in advance of what is in the open literature.
  • Testimony of Bob Lazar, Philip Corso, Luis Elizondo, David Grusch. Ben Rich of Lockheed Skunkworks was reported to have said, “we now have technology to take ET home.”
  • Video of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs)
  • DARPA is secretive. We know almost nothing about their “advanced” projects.
  • Suppression of advanced energy inventors
  • Ancient artifacts that could not have been made with any known technology
  • $21 trillion spent off-the-books at the Pentagon

What do they have?

  • Cold Fusion.
  • Weather modification.  Directed energy.
  • Anti-gravity?
  • Zero point energy”?
  • Faster-than-light travel, wormholes?
  • Healing and disease cures by means that look like magic??

Why the secrecy?

  • From the will to power of those who have it
  • To prevent the technology from falling into the hands of terrorists, blackmailers, or saboteurs
  • Satanism

Implications for our future

  • There is the possibility that powerful groups that are wresting control away from our democratic institutions are connected to the breakaway civilization.
  • The word “disruptive technology” has become a commonplace in venture capitalist circles. There is now the possibility that new technologies will soon disrupt our lives, our communities, our grounding in the world, not merely disruptive to “markets”.

At least as far back as the Roswell crash of 1947, the US government has been reverse engineering captured spacecraft, presumed to be of extraterrestrial origin. Last summer, David Grusch testified to Congress about this, but there have been many people leaking information before him. In a December, 2017 article, the New York Times reported that Bigelow Aerospace “modified buildings [plural] in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena.” [UAP is in vogue as a replacement term for UFO]  [Note that the Times corroborated Elizondo’s testimony by talking to contractors at the buildings.]

In 1989, Bob Lazar was a brilliant 30-year-old wise guy who snuck his buddies into Area 51, where his job was to try to figure out how a captured anti-gravity device works. He was caught, and feared for his life. His lawyer told him the safest thing he could do would be to go to the press and spill everything he knew; after that, no secret purpose could be served by killing him. Lazar has tried to lead a quiet, if neurotic life ever since, but he has commented on UFO videos released by the US Navy. A few years ago, he was interviewed by Joe Rogan. I’ve been unable to find a link to the original 1989 interview.

Philip Corso was an army Colonel who published a 1997 book about his 15 years supervising the reverse engineering of downed ET spacecraft. In his account, his job was to offer objects of ET origin to major US corporations, without revealing where they came from. Most of the technologies described in the book had already come into common use in 1997, including integrated circuits, fiber optics, Kevlar, and Velcro.

Especially after the Freedom of Information Act (1967), the US military preferred to farm out the job of reverse engineering spacecraft to private contractors, who were beyond FOIA’s reach. Ben Rich was head of Lockheed Skunkworks, reportedly the biggest recipient of these contracts. Richard Dolan reports that, according to Rich, President Nixon attempted to penetrate the secrecy of the military UFO effort shortly after he took office in 1969, and that in response those running the program transferred accountability to an “international board of directors in the private sector.” Other Presidents have since tried to learn what they can about the program, and they have been told, one and all, that access was on a need-to-know basis, and the President didn’t qualify.

Ben Rich had a lot of interesting stories to tell. Before he died in 1994, he was quoted as saying “There is an error in the equations, and we have figured it out, and now know how to travel to the stars and it won’t take a lifetime to do it.” Also: “There are many in the intelligence community who would like to see this stay in the black and never see the light of day. It is time to end all the secrecy on this, as it no longer poses a national security threat, and make the technology available for use in the private sector.” The quote about “taking ET home” also is attributed to Rich. “They have about 4500 people at the Lockheed Skunkworks. What have they been doing for the last 18 or 20 years? They’re building something.”

One more story from Ben Rich: All during his tenure at Skunkworks and after his retirement, he supported the secrecy of the program because he thought the American public could not handle the truth. But in his last years, he confided in a friend that the ETs were exerting control over our planet from the fringes, and that stopping them might be more important than keeping the technology transfers secret. (This is related to a hypothesis I cited last week.)

Context that supports these stories

In 2018, Michigan Prof Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts published an audit of government books in which they claim that $21 trillion was unaccounted for, mostly at the Pentagon. For context, $21 trillion is more than the total that Congress has appropriated for the DoD and its predecessor, the Department of War in 248 years since the founding of our Republic. The magnitude of the accounting disparity implies an unparalleled level of secrecy, and the employment of millions of workers. How do you hide such a project? The story fits well with the hypothesis that there are vast underground cities connected by tunnels with mag-lev trains, and technologies that are beyond our dreams.

We have seen Navy photos and radars of vehicles that drop instantly from 100,000 feet to sea level, and that disappear in one place, then reappear 100 miles away, almost instantaneously. These could be UFOs or humans flying with reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technologies, or they could be an elaborate hoax by a Breakaway community to convince us that their human technology is extraterrestrial.

I have written about ancient technologies, and speculated that some kind of anti-gravity tech or perhaps a harnessed and technologized psychokinesis was used to quarry and move millions of stone blocks in the three Giza Pyramids, and other megalithic sites around the world, some with much larger stones.

Derinkuyu is physical testimony to the fact that someone knew how to build entire underground cities untold thousands of years in the past. Robert Schoch tells us why that might have been necessary. Tens of thousands of years ago, there was solar and cosmic ray activity that made it unsafe for humans to spend much of their lives above ground.

One more puzzle piece that has impressed me comes from my involvement in the community of people promoting radical energy technology. At least one luminary of our community was murdered, and rumor has it that many have been threatened to suppress breakthrough technologies that they develop.

What do they have?

Cold fusion is the only technology that I’ve actually seen with my own eyes, examined the data, and can attest is real. This is the capacity to create enormous amounts of cheap nuclear energy with very little dangerous radiation, in a shoebox that could be in your basement or in a car or airplane. In the public domain are schemes that are unreliable and can’t be turned on at will, but I’m pretty sure these problems have been solved and the technology is being suppressed. Cold fusion would be sufficient to power vast underground cities, and to bore the tunnels connecting them without burning anything and without releasing air pollutants.

Cold fusion does not violate any laws of physics as we understand them, but there are rumors of more exotic energy technologies that extract energy from the vacuum. Zero-point energy devices defy the Second Law of Thermodynamics, though they don’t run afoul of more fundamental physics. Indeed, Dirac’s relativistic quantum mechanics from 1928 implies that what we call a “vacuum” is teeming with particles of “negative energy”. Many people have speculated that Tesla had free energy technology, and that is why his notebooks and lab equipment were seized by the FBI immediately upon his death. Steven Krivit’s web site is a source for news, stories, and rumors about cold fusion.

Directed energy weapons are an open secret. We have hints that they are being deployed from satellites, for example in Maui last summer and on 9/11 in Manhattan. Similarly, weather warfare is an unacknowledged technology, documented extensively by Dane Wigington and by Peter Kirby.

Anti-gravity is not possible within the laws of physics as we understand them. Neither Newtonian gravity nor Einstein’s General Relativity admit the possibility of shielding from a gravitational field or generating repulsive gravity. The principal reason to believe that such technology exists is that UFOs have been observed to start and stop (and to turn) almost instantaneously. (The “principle of equivalence” says that gravitation and acceleration are indistinguishable, and indeed are the same phenomenon as experienced by different observers.) UFO maneuvers would produce a pseudo-gravitational field that would crush any person or instrument inside the capsule unless there is some form of gravitational shielding at work.

A weaker but more direct argument for anti-gravity is that Bob Lazar tells us reverse engineering a repulsive gravity device was his work assignment in 1989, and of course there is Ben Rich’s claim that “we can take ET home” almost certainly involves either anti-gravity or a closely-related, equally outrageous technology involving wormholes.

The truth about 'medbeds' - a miracle cure that doesn't exist

Are there advanced healing technologies as well? These would have immediate relevance to almost all of us, and they do not get into trouble with fundamental physics. There are occasional cases of spontaneous healing, and numerous examples of the mind having a powerful influence over the body, either for healing or, in some cases, to create full-blown physical disease. Various energy healing disciplines (Reiki, acupuncture, TCM, ayurveda) provide systematic accounts that guide practitioners, but these are generally not commensurate with Western mechanistic accounts of biology. There are credible people who believe that specific radio frequencies have the power to create disease or to cure it.

The idea that radical healing is available through some combination of physical and subtle energy is plausible, though I have no direct experience with it. The technology called a Med Bed is a persistent rumor. On theoretical grounds, it is less incredible than anti-gravity or wormholes, and we can easily imagine that an alien culture that is a million years ahead of our technology would have harnessed healing modalities unknown to us. But evidence is less available than for the fully physical technologies. I include this technology mainly because I have a trusted friend, well versed in both energy healing and conventional bench science, who has told me that Med Beds are real.

Why the secrecy?

There are mundane explanations for the secrecy around UFO recoveries beginning at Roswell (1947). The military had just come from a world war and was fearful of communism, and the OSS was morphing into the even-more-secretive CIA.

The conventional story is that secrecy was a habit that had staying power even as original justifications became irrelevant. The more time went on, the more the lies and denials had accumulated, the harder it would be to come clean. Indeed, if the President and the CIA director and the Joint Chiefs of the Military and leaders of Russia, China, Germany, and Japan all appeared at an international press conference tomorrow, accompanied on stage by one Grey alien, one Nordic, and three Reptilians; if they fully revealed the state of the technologies that had been developed over the last century, demonstrated anti-gravity on screen, and showed us videos of an underground civilization, I think it probable that most of the public would assume the video was fake, and would refuse to accept this new reality.

The reason for secrecy may just be the will to power in ambitious men. Or it may be that the technological secrets are linked to the secrecy of ancient secret societies, the Illuminati and the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, the Knights Templar and the Kiwanis Club that meets in your local community center. Survivors of ritual child abuse tell us of satanic rituals, including murder and dismemberment of infants, rampant among the super-rich and the European aristocracy. These are the same people that we might suspect have access to the breakaway technologies, and who are conniving in secret to undermine our democracies and create a totalitarian world government.

The most benign explanation for secrecy is that these same technologies that offer liberation from toil and pollution and which obviate the need to rape planet earth for minerals and fossil fuels — these same technologies could also be weaponized to create basement bombs capable of destroying a city.

But the secrets are now game-changing for the future of the planet, and I predict that the planet will find a way to unlock them. In 2024, the irresistible force is about to burst through the immoveable barrier.

Art by NKabuto

The Breakaway hypothesis is independent of the ET hypothesis

The hypothesis that there is a human community with breakaway technologies is on firmer ground than the ET hypothesis. It may be that all the UFOs are of human origin, along with all the livestock mutilations, the crop circles, and the abductions. Alien visitors could be a fantastically Baroque psy-op, and all the witnesses to “reverse engineered technology” might just be covering up for secret human technologies. In this reality, the breakaway hypothesis is actually strengthened.

Implications for us who dwell in conventional reality

There is the possibility that powerful groups that are wresting control away from our democratic institutions are connected to the breakaway civilization.

The most generous interpretation of their behavior is that their technology is easily weaponizable. They fear some disgruntled Ted Kaczynski could blow up Manhattan with a device he made in his garage. The fear of super-saboteurs may be the reason that the Elite seem so intent on locking us down, tracking our every transaction with digital currencies, and surveilling our every move.

But it may be simple hubris. Humans being what they are, they probably have contempt for us, the 8 billion who are living in such primitive conditions.

If you or I were a stewards of advanced technology that powers a breakaway civilization, our project would certainly be to share this technology widely in the world of 8 billion muggles, and create a permanent state of empowerment, leisure, liberty, security, and abundance. But let’s suppose the stewards of this technology have outsized egos. Maybe their goal is to eliminate the 8 billion who live in the beauty of Earth’s valleys and forests, so that they can bring their technology and their breakaway civilization above ground, without ignorant plebes that take up space and fill the earth with their boring, mundane thoughts.

Maybe they want to exterminate us, or maybe they just want to bring us under their control, in a global panopticon that guarantees the security of the ruling elite. They want to assure that no one can think an unauthorized thought or entertain an idea that is threatening to the established order.

Democracy and cultural diversity are anathema to these people. They want us securely under their thumbs before they rebuild out infrastructure based in the 4th Industrial Revolution technologies.


It’s not going to unfold this way, though perhaps it will begin with martial law and unprecedented levels of government surveillance and shut-down of the world’s major democracies. The truth about the Overlords and their plans will leak out. Well, the truth has probably already leaked out long ago, and many times since. But it will leak in a way that is so squarely in our faces that people have to start believing it, even though it makes their heads spin, even though it is so bewildering and disorienting that no one can assimilate the new reality. It will be a time of great volatility. People who believe this strange truth will be convinced to believe even stranger things that may not be true. The Overlords will escalate their censorship and propaganda, but it will be too late to close the barn door.

The term “disruptive technology” has become a buzzword in venture capitalist circles, and has lost its bite. There is now the possibility that new technologies will soon disrupt our lives, our communities, our grounding in the world, not merely disruptive to “markets”.

Expect the unexpected? Imagine the unimaginable? Maybe Wittkenstein wasn’t so dumb when he said, “Whereof nothing can be spoken, thereof we must be silent.” I’m not going to write about the worst case scenario, nor am I going to think about it.

In the best speculative scenario, the technologies for unlimited energy, anti-gravity and travel to the stars will be released concurrently with (what Jorjani calls) the “specular technologies”. These are a blend of hardware with techniques of the mind. We will be able to read each other’s thoughts, making all the secrets on which evil depends untenable. We will become aware that, to a great extent, the thoughts that appear in our heads are not ours alone, but have been shared by members of our families and communities, especially the people about whom we care most. The feeling of separate existence which is the bedrock of modern Western culture, reductionist science, capitalist systems, economic competition, and utilitarian philosophy — our sense of separate existence, of isolation and aloneness will dissolve. We will live once again in the shared reality of indigenous communities today and, presumably, of our antedeluvian ancestors. Ideas like loving thy neighbor and embracing the common good will no longer seem like laws or Commandments from on high, but will feel as natural to us as, say, the desire to lose oneself in sexual union.

It’s not too early to start building this kind of community here and now.

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