What “Theories of Everything” all miss

Robust experimental results from more than a century of research in parapsychology are incompatible with the laws of physics as we understand them. This presents the greatest challenge in science today. Viewed in another way, it may be the greatest opportunity we have for addressing long-standing problems and controversies in mainstream science, including The “measurement … Read more

Variations on a human theme

We now have many mummies and skeletons, mostly from western South America, that are sort of human-like, but don’t fit into any mainstream history of humanity. There are so many congenitally elongated skulls that they must correspond to a subspecies, perhaps with dominant relationship to people with heads we regard as normal. That would help … Read more

Quantum Mechanics Implies Retrocausality

The past causes the future. The future is undetermined, and cannot reach back to have an effect on the past. Call this the “principle of causality”. It is so ingrained in our thinking that we don’t know how to make sense of the world without it. And yet, quantum mechanics subtly defies the principle. A … Read more

The Wuhan Cover-up Cover-up

Bioweapons research was responsible for global devastation on the scale of a world war. This is an important and delightfully readable new book. I’m going to argue that it is actually understated. Seeded by imported Nazi scientists after WW2, the US military has conducted extensive research into bioweapons research, which mushroomed as it went underground … Read more

Is there really a conflict between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics?

The problem of combining General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics in a self-consistent theory is so difficult that it has defied the best minds in physics for 75 years. But this may not be necessary. We don’t actually know that General Relativity is correct. You have probably heard that the greatest problem confronting theoretical physics is … Read more

What is a ‘Breakaway Civilization’?

Richard Dolan was first to use the phrase, though I first heard it from Jason Jorjani. The idea is that there are whole communities built on technology far advanced from what is in the public domain. They are somewhere on this planet — perhaps in underground cities, perhaps under the ocean or Antarctica. It is the … Read more

Why do they look like us?

The near future of humanity looks precarious, not to say bleak, due to what Schmachtenberger calls the Meta Crisis. The biggest wild card in our future is one that Schmachtenberger and most financial analysts, eschatologists, and even transhumanists never consider: UFOs and the ET presence. Will we be rescued from human folly by non-human beings from … Read more

Keeling over on the Soccer Field

I’ve been writing for ScienceBlog almost since its inception, and I feel grateful for the platform it has given me, and identified with the values and culture of ScienceBlog. Today, there appeared on this site the article, Study Helps Explain Post-COVID Exercise Intolerance. This article is typical of the perversion of science by corporate and government interests, exposure … Read more

What Gödel Wrought

The Enlightenment was a three-century European movement to tame the world under the reign of Reason. It began with René Descartes and Isaac Newton in the 17th century, expanding the domain of science; in the 18th century, Emmanuel Kant sought to rationalize faith itself, with his monograph, Religion within the Limits of Reason Alone. In … Read more