Biology is not physics

You’ve found the spark that makes the sun burn bright
and tracked the orbits of the distant stars.
You’ve harnessed energy for planes and cars
success convinces you you’ve got it right.

You think the rule of physics must be strict,
yet only in the aggregate do maths
apply to living things. Their single paths
take twists and turns that you cannot predict.

Man’s thirst for knowledge never can be quenched
while minds refuse to grant the role of mind
that regulates the quantum. You won’t find
broad truth while narrow physics is entrenched.

What sort of science would it take to know
how neurons fire, hearts beat, and grasses grow?

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4 thoughts on “Biology is not physics”

  1. And neither are the “soft sciences: sociology, math, statistics . . . they are the arts, merely tools of science and witchcraft.

  2. The trouble with the terms ‘biology’ – and ‘psychology’ is they are used for the object of study as if from a point apart and set over.

    This distantiation or dissociation from Life is symptomatic of both a fear and hate of Life such as to only relate through the Model – that rules, filters and distorts what can be said or considered under narrative dictates whose primary intent is in crude terms – keeping God Out while taking on the ‘virtue’ of solving, managing or eradicating conflict.
    That this merely repackages a piling up of toxic debts and conflicts under increasingly untenable and insane narratives is perhaps coming out in the wash now…

  3. Law is not breakable or it would be something else. Not Law.
    What we give sets the measure of our receipt.
    The zero . or balance point to this equation is =
    Our seeming ability to get back differently to our giving or to give out what we want to get rid of and no returns! is part of a mindset of judgements and comparisons that effectively plays out a polarised and shifting partiality set apart in concept – as like separated by brackets from the rest of Existence in time or timings. The mind is very fast! There are processes of communication that operate billions of times per second. Clearly our waking ‘consciousness’ (sic) is a specialised focus within Infinity and therefore OF the Infinite – no matter how limiting our own thought and reaction as experience.
    Because Infinity is associated with fear of pain of total loss, we grasp at our own thought as a self-referencing loop by which to seem to exist independently. But the truth of Infinity is rest as the embracing of all that is as it is. What seems to be, but never was, cannot be threatened or destroyed, and yet we have deep attachment in a world of self-illusion set in love and fear allowed and confused with each other.
    Asking real questions uncovers the way to address the problem where it is, where it reveals itself to new eyes as answer to the true need you didn’t know you had!


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